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Yandere Giantess RP
For those who don't know, a yandere is a girl who is completely obsessed with someone else romantically, often to the point of hurting others or even their crush. And, as it turns out, you have a yandere who's after you...
1. I'm a celebrity athlete who's 15 feet tall, and I'm much stronger than anyone else on the planet. You're like the complete opposite of me: an unsuccessful loser who has nothing, is only 3'3, and is too scrawny to even do a single pull-up.
2. I'm a witch, and I shrink you in order to get closer to you!
3. I'm a Goddess, and I use my powers to manipulate you into loving me!
4. I'm short, but I grow myself to make you love me!
5. Custom/Combo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 6 17
Claire's Lab
[This story contains vore. If you're not a fan of vore, you should leave.]
It is said that, if you leave a single bacterium within a confined space for a single day, it will have reproduced into over 2000000000000000000000 bacteria by the end of the day. Of course, you still wouldn't be able to see any of them, due to how small they are. They're so minuscule and short lived, one has to wonder: What if humans were like that?
Clair decided to find out the answer.
It wasn't too hard, surprisingly. Through the manipulation of DNA, a new kind of human was created. While they were nowhere near as tiny as bacteria, they were still small, barely visible to the naked eye. They aged far quicker than a normal human as well, typically only lasting two days at the maximum, but they bred with each other so quickly that they were able to sustain. They were kept in an empty saltshaker for their brief existence. Clair thought of several different ways to use her creation, but there was one idea that ke
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 5 12
Summer Fun (Giantess RP)
It's summer, the funnest time of the year!
1. I'm your super-athletic best friend, and I've been exercising even more than usual. I'm basically covered in sweat 24/7, it seems, and I've started growing bigger since the beginning of summer.
2. You find yourself mysteriously shrunken at the local pool...
3. I'm a lifeguard, and I save you from drowning at the beach. I'm also nearly 15 feet tall, of course.
4. I'm your older sister, and you're only the size of my finger. I'm taking you to the beach for a whole day of fun!
5. One day, you come across a sandcastle that's nearly the size of an actual castle. The maker of the sand castle happens to come back as you explore it too...
6. You shrink yourself to pull a prank on me while I'm at the beach, but it ends up backfiring.
7. I'm your girlfriend, and we're both gigantic deities who take up most of the beach.
8. Custom/Combo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 8 161
Ashley the Superstar (Giantess RP)
I'm an ultra-famous superstar, and your personal hero/idol! So, what exactly am I famous for?
1. I'm the world's greatest, and tallest, athlete!
2. I play competitive video games! I'm a huge nerd with a big ego!
3. I'm a model/actress!
4. Custom/Combo
How exactly do we meet?
A. You go to a convention to get my autograph, but I turn out to be MUCH bigger in person then you thought...
B. You wake up in my home at a mere 1 inch tall.
C. You're competing against me... And losing horribly.
D. Custom/Combo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 5 100
Triple Babysitters (Giantess RP)
Your mother has found an advertisement. "Cheap Babysitting Services available! Send us a call to take care of your children!"
She decides that you need a babysitter, and calls them up. Amazingly, this service allows up to three babysitters at once! (You can choose how many you want.) So, you get to select from me and up to two of my OCs!
There's also a few extra rules you can add. (You can add more than one!)
1. Nothing! Just me and two of my OCs trying our best (and probably failing) to babysit you.
2. Hidden Divinity: One of us is secretly a Goddess... But the one who ends up being a Goddess is random! Depending on who it is, the results could be a little... Chaotic.
3. Triple Divinity: All three of us are Goddesses!
4. Big Sisters: All of us are actually your big sisters, with you being the youngest in the family! We'll all probably be much nicer, albeit a lot more teasing.
5. Shrinking: You're slowly shrinking the entire
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 8 232
Free-Form Size Ray RP
You wake up, and there's a size ray next to your bed. What happens next is up to you!
A few rules:
- The Ray can be taken or stolen from you at any point
- You can do whatever you want with the Ray when you have it.
- The Ray will shrink/grow to fit whoever's holding it.
- The Ray is indestructible.
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 6 129
Athletic Giantess RP 3
1. I'm the top athlete at our school, and I'm 15 feet tall. You're a mere 4 feet tall, and you're still shrinking.
2. I'm your older sister, and an all-star athlete. I don't get to spend much time with you, but I'm coming home today after a long trip, but I'm even taller than I was before.
3. You're constantly being outdone by your younger sister. She's taller, faster, and stronger than you. And she's still growing.
4. You're going jogging with me each day in order to get stronger. But instead of getting stronger, you shrink.
5. Because of how much I exercise, I need someone to rub my feet when I'm done exercising. You volunteer, but, as it turns out, I grow whenever someone touches my foot.
6. You get bullied at school a lot, but I start protecting you. No one messes with you whenever I'm on your side, because of how tall and strong I am.
7. You think of yourself as the tallest, strongest person in the world... But, one day, I show up and beat you at everything.
8. You're the shortest
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 7 225
Random Giantess RP 11
Blah blah blah.
1. I'm your older sister, and our Mom's leaving me in charge of you while she's out, so I shrink you! Are you ready for a week of fun with your big sis?
2. You usually take care of your little sister while your mom's off. But since you started shrinking, your mother's been calling a babysitter to take care of you and her, despite the fact that you're almost 18!
3. You have to deal with the fact that you're slowly shrinking more and more each day, surrounded by your family.
4. You're a deity, who happens to live on Earth. No one ever suspects a thing, despite you getting taller each day. You go to the beach, thinking that you'll be the center of attention... But, as it turns out, there's another deity there, and she's stealing all the attention, it seems. You both try to outgrow each other constantly.
5. I'm a cosmic deity with power beyond your comprehension, and you're tinier than a speck of dust... And we're dating, somehow.
6. You've been mysteriously shrunken, and y
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 7 266
Ashley's Big Ego (Giantess RP)
I'm probably the most egotistical person you've ever met. I walk with pride, I expect others to treat me like a queen, and basically just think of myself as a Goddess.
1. I'm your amazon of a bully. I stand at around 10 feet tall, and still growing.
2. I'm actually tiny, but my ego is still huge. It's really cute, even when I throw temper-tantrums and punch your toe. But, I slowly grow more and more.
3. I'm an actual Goddess, sent by my mother to earth so I can learn at a human school. I have to pretend to be a mortal, but I still want to be treated like a Goddess.
4. Your ego is directly related to your height in this world. I'm a towering colossus, and my height only makes my ego bigger, leading to an indefinite cycle of growing!
5. I'm a Goddess, and I've literally rewritten reality to make it so that I'm always the tallest. If anyone ever grows taller than me, I immediately get bigger. And you're going through a really big growth spurt...
6. Custom or Combo!
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 13 318
Blind Date (Giantess RP)
Someone you know is playing matchmaker and sending you off on a blind date! Your date can be anything, from a monstergirl to a Goddess!
And what is it that you end up with?
1. A neko!
2. A naga!
3. A demon!
4. A ghost!
5. A pirate!
6. A mermaid!
7. A superhero!
8. An amazon!
9. The Supreme Goddess!
10. Custom/Combo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 7 352
Random Giantess RP 10
You probably know how this works by now.
1. I find you in my garden while watering my plants. You've always been 1 inch tall, so I'm pretty scary at first, but you warm up to me.
2. You've wandered into my forest. I shrink anyone who comes in here, to protect the forest.
3. I've gotten lonely as a Goddess, so I decide I want a family. So, I insert myself into your life, and you wake up as a member of my family. (Brother, father, husband, etc.)
4. I'm your older sister. I've become a famous athlete, while you've been left in my shadow your entire life. Everyone treats you like dirt... Except me. I'm extremely protective of you, and I only get more protective when you start shrinking.
5. You're left alone with me, your bully of an older cousin. Prepare for noogies, wedgies, wrestling, teasing, and shrinking! But I eventually start to get nicer.
6. You've been short your whole life, but meeting a tiny goddess makes you feel a bit bigger... Until she starts to outgrow everything.
7. I'm yo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 7 600
Divinity (Giantess RP)
Does anyone actually read this? Please tell me if you do, I'm pretty sure that about 80% of you don't really read this. Well, if you do read this, please tell me.
1. Despite being your little sister, I'm much taller than you. My growing just doesn't seem to stop. This is because I'm actually a young goddess, and my powers are finally coming in!
2. Today's Goddess Day, meaning that I will visit Earth for a whole week. This is your best chance to fulfill your life-long dream of meeting me!
3. No one has been worshiping me, the Supreme Goddess, for the last fifty-thousand years, so I decide to pay earth a little visit to teach everyone a lesson.
4. You really shouldn't mess with your big sister's stuff, especially when she's a Goddess. You learn this the hard way when you manage to shrink yourself on accident.
5. Just about everyone on Earth believes in the Goddess... Except you. You've been an atheist your whole life, and you're off to prove that the Goddess doesn't exist... But you end
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 10 586
Romance (Giantess RP)
I'm running out of ideas, please help. Anyway, this is gonna be a fairly romantic and cute RP about falling in love. Or we could already be dating at the start, your choice. But you need to tell me if we're already dating at the start, or I just wont respond. Not sure how many of you guys actually read this though. Also, please tell me our starting heights.
What am I like?
1. I'm VERY abrasive at first, like a tsundere, but I slowly begin to warm up to you.
2. I'm a tomboyish 8-foot athlete. Despite my intimidating height, I'm usually pretty nice... If a bit teasing at times.
3. I'm like a mad scientist, except that I'm only 20. I create tons of gizmos and gadgets, some of which I might even use on you.
4. Custom/Combo
What are YOU like?
A. You're cute and shy, with a lot of anxiety. It's easy to tease or scare you.
B. You're a very tall, popular athlete. You're a bit egotistical, but mostly nice.
C. You're very smart and nerdy. In other words: You're a huge dork.
D. Custom/Combo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 10 247
Giant Sister RP
Because I haven't been playing as a giant sister enough lately!
I'm thinking of trying something new on this one: It'll alternate between being opened and closed, depending on how many RPs I have going on.
Am I your older or younger sister?
1. Older
2. Younger
3. We're twins!
A. After going through a growth spurt, I've begun to tease you with my new height. Unfortunately, you shrink each time I tease you!
B. Like all boys your age, you're going through a series of shrink spurts! And since I'm your sister, I'm the one who takes care of you!
C. We're ultra-competitive with each other... But I tend to win most of the time, since I'm so much taller and stronger than you.
D. We've been separated for years, until we finally get to meet one day!
E. Custom/combo!
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 16 524
Growth Spurts (Giantess RP)
Everyone goes through a growth spurt! Well, almost everyone, but still! And someone you know is having a growth spurt. Who might that be?
1. Your Mother! Isn't she a bit old to be growing?
2. Your Little Sister!
3. Your Big Sister!
4. Your Girlfriend!
5. Custom/Combo!
How tall are they before they grow?
A. Only one inch tall!
B. 3'5-4'11
C. 5'0-6'3
D. 6'4-7'3
E. Custom/Combo
:iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 10 277
Mature content
A Demon's Deal (Giantess RP) :iconashleythegoddess:AshleyTheGoddess 7 383


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*Grabs as many of you as I can and gives all of you a hug* 
Alright, now I'm in the mood to step on something.

Preferably one of you. 
People like to talk about things that scared them as kids all the time for some reason.

But I never hear Metroid Fusion brought up. I was like... 8 or something when I first played it.

I was so scared that I could actually here the fucking footsteps while I was up in my room, even though the game was off. 
Nature is truly beautiful. Even the smallest of organisms have enormous effects on an ecosystem. 
I often like to call you little ones ants, but I mean it in more ways than one.

Ants, like humans, can create complex housing and social classes. A single ant on its own is near worthless, as it cannot accomplish much. But a group of ants can accomplish great things, just like mortals. The introduction of ants to an ecosystem can create chaos for the environment. Humans also tend to screw up the environment for their own needs.


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So... Someone sent me this:  Macro Database (Deviantart meme)This meme is a writing challenged designed to act as a form of documentation of those who are larger than life, be they giant or giantess or gods etc. The perspective comes from the average everyday non giant person, as if it was a database segment made to document them to make sure how to accordingly treat them. 
Simply follow the basic guidelines then mention me in your journal :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy: I want to read all of these! 
It doesn't matter what level of detail, feel free to add more or less and get others to join in on the fun. 
Subject name- (if you don't understand this then I'm concerned, (basically their name)) 
Height- (Self explanatory) 
Notable physical features - (brief description of their key physical features like hair colour etc) 
Threat level - (1-7 1 being the nicest they can be, and 7 bring incredibly high threat 
Likelihood to kill -(1-
 and I thought it'd be fun to try it out. :3

The idea comes from :icon3d-chocoholic-izzy:

Subject name- Ashley *************

Height- Can change height. Normal size is too big for a human to comprehend.

Age- ???

Notable physical features - Long, black hair as well as green eyes. 

Threat level -  5

Likelihood to kill - 5

Strengths- Ashley, through the manipulation of reality, is able to do just about anything. Her power has no limits.  

Weaknesses- Ashley is easily manipulated by cute things, and cannot see the future. Her reckless behavior has destroyed multiple universes. She is also prone to mood swings. 

Favorite form of interaction - Her interactions vary from extremely gentle to destructive and murderous. She has a particular fondness for crushing things with her feet, as well as consumption and destruction of property. On her nicer days, she'll be extremely gentle, maybe even having a conversation with you. 

Conclusion- If she decides to destroy us, then all we can do is give up. There is no hope of survival. 


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